We offer lighting as a service, meaning we curate and implement complete LED lighting systems to commercial interiors - and at no upfront cost. Our work involves selecting the right LED products for all your lighting applications, handling implementation, and standing behind the lights for a three-year term. All without any capital spent by the you. Instead, our clients pay a flat monthly fee and have the option to own the lights outright at the end of the term. 

Both! The two are very different processes, but both new buildings and existing spaces make great candidates for LED lighting.

In the case of new construction, Wavelength works with the project architect, lighting designer, and general contractor to ensure top quality lighting that achieves aesthetic goals and integrates into build-out plans and timeline.

When retrofitting existing lighting, we work with community managers, operations personnel, and visual directors to improve on the current lighting scheme with LED products that are compatible with all existing fixture hardware. 

Almost never. If the fixtures in question are inside the building, there is a near-100% likelihood that we have attractive products compatible with both the fixture and the existing electronics. Using existing fixtures controls cost and avoids wasted material while positively impacting the lighting of a space. Outdoor and high-bay industrial fixtures are a different story, however. They often do require a fixture replacement.

Generally speaking, no. Our organization is set up to efficiency implement and service LED lighting, but we do not offer the sale of LED products.

Yes! This is especially relevant to renovation, build-out, and new construction. However, in certain retrofit cases it also makes sense for us to incorporate fixtures into our offering - as with adding trackheads to an existing track system or migrating from metal halide to LED lighting.

Yes and no. We have working relationships with many rebate programs around the country, and we facilitate a rebate application where relevant and/or requested. We try not to overemphasize the rebate when making the decision to upgrade your lighting. LEDs work financially without rebates, and rebate programs generally restrict what LED technology is eligible. The best LED products often do not qualify for rebates due to the length of time it takes for rebate certification through EnergyStar or the DLC. Rebate programs also delay project work due to auditing requirements from the program. If a generous rebate is available, however, we're handy with the paperwork and will make sure your lighting qualifies.

Wavelength is more service provider than contractor. We recommend top quality contractors when required - for example, when electrical work needs to be done (Wavelength does not do electrical work) or when special machinery (such as a lift) needs to be operated.