Light Quality First

The qualitative elements of light are the wavelengths that compose it. Our belief and name align in the conviction that LEDs offer an opportunity to achieve aesthetically-pleasing, natural-quality lighting without sacrificing the warmth of light people want to be under. Good light makes working, learning, and socializing more pleasant. For us, the quality of lighting will always come first.  

Simplify Lighting

The electric lighting industry is multi-layered and massive. Finding the right lights and fixtures, purchasing cost-effectively, and implementing in a timely fashion is a major challenge for commercial users. LEDs threaten to make an already difficult system more confusing by introducing new manufacturers with constantly updating product lines. By compiling the most challenging areas of lighting– product selection, lighting logistics, troubleshooting and product replacement– into one straightforward service, Wavelength makes what is difficult about lighting faster, better-looking, predictable, and simpler.

Climate Change

While we are focused on providing a better way for commercial facilities to consume lighting, Wavelength Lighting strives to be part of the transition to a new energy infrastructure. CO2-driven climate change is a worldwide problem requiring numerous solutions. With each traditional light that we change to an LED, we reduce emissions, avoid the product and waste of a dozen light bulbs, and take a step toward consuming less, emitting less, and damaging less. Combatting climate change is in the background of what Wavelength does every day, driving the team to do the best possible job of transitioning to LEDs.