Wavelength provides LED lighting systems, from selection to servicing, at no upfront cost.


Our Process


Light Quality

Good lighting is critical, no matter the space. LEDs may be super-efficient, but efficiency is secondary to the purpose of lighting - to give people the right environment for work, study, or commerce. We excel at choosing LED products that look excellent.


Install + Maintain

Getting LEDs done in a commercial setting can be difficult, even after products have been tested and selected. Lighting logistics are surprisingly complex, and installation can be time-consuming and expensive. Wavelength brings that all under one roof and does not charge anything until the system is successfully installed.


Net savings, immediately and permanently

We provide the fully implemented lighting system at no upfront cost whatsoever. Your savings - from lowered utility bills and not replacing bulbs - exceed the flat monthly fee. This is money into your budget every month, without a dollar in capital spent.