Wavelength Lighting implements custom LED systems superior to conventional lighting. 


Making lighting a service means that instead of selling lights, we lease lighting. Whether retrofit or new construction, Wavelength curates a fleet of LEDs to your space, handles the implementation process, and services the lighting for a minimum of three years.

There is no cost upfront whatsoever: instead, a monthly fee allows you to pay for our service out of the savings LEDs provide. In return, you receive fully implemented, top quality LED lighting while avoiding the high cost and technology risks of LED ownership.



At Wavelength, we love beautiful lighting, and LEDs deliver the best light that isn't sunlight. LEDs shine light with a spectrum similar to natural light but with customizable warmth. Colors render more cleanly and details are illuminated, which means clear, welcoming lighting.

Thousands of LED products exist, with more coming onto the market each month. Wavelength demystifies these offerings, choosing the best models for every application from tracks to tubes to industrial high bay fixtures.


We reduce the total monthly cost of lighting for commercial facilities, regardless of the facility type or location. Lower electricity bills and no replacement bulb expenses outweigh the cost of Wavelength Lighting for every project we do.

Your lighting will cost 20-40% less with Wavelength than without. In addition, our clients benefit from the elimination of soft costs like lighting inventory management, labor expenses, and complex installation.