Wavelength is LED lighting as a service.

Transitioning to energy efficient lighting has never been easier.

Getting LED lighting can be complicated. Lighting as a service means you get the right LEDs from the best manufacturers – sourced, installed, and serviced by Wavelength – all at no upfront cost.

What you save on electricity and bulb replacements more than covers the cost of your new lights.

This is end-to-end LED implementation for less than what you currently spend on lighting. 


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How it Works


High Quality, Low Impact

We curate a fleet of top-quality LED light bulbs that integrate with your current lighting configuration and align with your space's look and needs. The bulbs are compatible with your existing fixtures, electronics, and dimmers - providing a truly seamless transition from old lighting to new.


Immediate Savings

With Wavelength, you pay nothing for new lights and you save from day one. It sounds too good to be true, we know, but it works!

We spread the cost of the LED bulbs over a multi-year period via our service model. You pay nothing upfront, and we charge a fee that is less than your energy savings – so you save immediately and permanently. 


All Your Lights

Wavelength works with all your light bulbs: fluorescent tubes, filament bulbs, pin-based bulbs (you name it!). We install your entire fleet of light bulbs and wrap them into our lighting as a service structure so you never have to deal with lighting again.